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Chandler walnuts surpass all other varieties when it comes to light colored kernels and the percentage of halves upon cracking. They harvest later, but are worth the wait. Here at Crain Ranch, we handle Chandlers with special care to ensure the highest kernel quality in the industry. Each step in the process of cleaning, sorting, and packing Chandlers takes our customers’ desire for premium product. All sizes of Chandler walnuts are available, from 34mm to baby, depending on customer needs.



Over the past ten years, Crain Ranch has worked hard to introduce Howard walnuts and their many advantages to the inshell walnut market. For growers, the high kernel yield and early production of this variety makes it a good investment. For packers, the large size, shape, and shell are essential to quick processing with a successful finished product. Howards are also an early harvesting variety, making them great for customers who need walnuts right away. Most importantly, for our consumers, nothing beats the taste of a fresh Howard walnut! 



The Hartley variety is the traditional inshell walnut. With its trademark heart shape, the Hartley variety is known for its light shell. Its tough shell can be bleached or specially cleaned without bleach for those who prefer “natural” shells. Crain Ranch bleached Hartley walnuts are inspected and marked as U.S. #1, while unbleached Hartleys are usually marked as U.S. #2 due to their duller shell. However, the kernels of Crain Ranch unbleached products must all meet U.S. #1 grade. Our 32mm+ or Jumbo Hartley California Walnut is our most popular product, but is becoming harder to supply as the trees age. When older Hartley orchards are replanted, they are commonly replaced with the Howard and Chandler varieties, making the Hartley an increasingly rare variety. 

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