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Customers contracting for inshell sales will find that we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and excellent delivery that meets every customer's needs. Our strict quality control procedures guarantee that our product is not only the best in the industry, but also the most carefully and thoroughly sorted. Our product line includes three main varieties, all offered in various sizes: Hartley, Howard and Chandler. 
For Shelled Walnuts, contact Crain Walnut Shelling


Our packing line is under DFA inspection; in order to certify that all walnuts packed in our facility meet the qualifications for that specific grade. We utilize the latest technology for processing, to provide customers with walnuts that are guaranteed to satisfy. 
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Food Safety

We follow a rigorous food safety plan to insure that our facility and product are safe and sanitary. All of our employees are trained in the importance of safe food-handling practices. All procedures are verified with our own in-house laboratory, as well as with two outside laboratories, Silliker and DFA.

Ordering Information

We offer a wide range of product and shipping options; we strive to customize orders to fit the specific needs of each customer. Each harvest is different and weather conditions vary from day-to-day, but the new crop usually becomes available at the beginning of October.
To order, please call our office at: +1-530-527-1077 or send an email to
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